Our Guarantee

Our 200% Guarantee

How can we offer a 200% Money Back GUARANTEE? With 98% of our students passing the state exams on their first attempt, we can afford to make an offer that is unheard of in the school industry. In short, our goal is for every qualified applicant for a contractor’s license to be able to pass the state exams. Even if you are not good at taking tests, do not understand legal jargon, or how to read a financial statement, we will never give up on you. If you want to pass the state exams, you found the right school.

After each exam, we encourage our students to provide feedback on the State exam questions. We only ask that the students provide us with any questions that the State asked that we did not cover in our study materials. This information is used to update our courses and create new study questions. Participation by our students is invaluable because only you can tell us where you had problems. This information also helps us improve our study manuals for future courses.

Our editors will analyze your feedback, do any necessary research, supplement our course materials, and get them to you as soon as possible. This circle of information will insure your success as well as that of other contractors who have had difficulty passing the state exams.

Exam Updates

  • Updates to the courses can be found in the last test in the On-Line Exam Center
  • You will have access for 6 months to our On-Line Exam Preparation site
  • You should take your State Exam within this 6-month period
  • Additional On-Line Exam Time is available from for a nominal fee
  • You should receive your test date within 4 – 6 weeks from when you apply
  • Continue to study especially the last exams in the online testing center.

Before You Take Your Exam

  • Continue to study the practice test questions throughout the application process
  • Start by filling the State Contractors License Application. (Use a copy to fill in the App)
  • You must provide yourself adequate time for study
  • Typically, it takes a minimum of 4 to 8 weeks to prepare for both courses.
  • You may call us with any questions while you are filling out your application.
  • Be sure to FAX or SCAN your application before sending it to the State.
  • We will review your application and make suggestions before you send it to the State.
  • When you feel you will be ready to take the exam in 4 to 6 weeks, send in your application.
  • Be sure to make a copy of your application before you mail it off
  • Mail the original to the State Post Office Box
  • Be sure to include the Application Fee in a check or Money Order

After Taking the State Exam

  • DO NOT REQUEST a new test date until you have contacted us and sent your Failure Notice
  • After your Exam, note any questions that we did not cover in our course materials
  • We do not want the exact questions; we are just looking for the information we did not cover
  • After your Exam, email us your feedback regarding the course materials we did not cover
  • Send your feedback to, or fax them to 408-244-0253

If You Fail For Any Reason

  • Do not Re-Schedule your Exam until you have contacted us
  • We will review your Failure notice and provide additional study materials you may need
  • Continue to study your materials until you have received our updated questions
  • It is best to re-schedule your Exam Date only after you are ready for the Exam
  • If you fail your exams after three attempts, you may be eligible for our 200% refund
  • If you pass one and fail the other, we will pay you 200% of the one course
  • You may choose not to accept a refund and we will continue to support you until you Pass
  • If you fail the state exams; FAX your Exam Failure Notice to us at (408-244-0253)
  • Or, you can scan and send your Failure Notice to
  • Be sure to call us to discuss any additional study materials or questions you may have
  • Give us a call at 408-243-3636 or 469 668 3175 with any follow up questionsions

To Obtain Your 200% Refund Follow these simples steps

  • After failing 3 times you are eligible for our 200% Guarantee based on the following:
  • You must supply a minimum of 2 questions per exam that we did not cover in our materials
  • Our editors will review your feedback and send you updates and additional study materials
  • The editors will review your information and contact you if necessary with any questions
  • When you receive your new information and updated questions start studying the materials
  • Reschedule your exam ONLY after you feel that you are ready to Pass the State Exam
  • If you fail a second time; repeat the instruction, study and practice your On-Line Exams.
  • If you fail a third time; contact us to talk about the what you want to do next
  • To receive your 200% Refund; you must return all your course materials.
  • We hope you pass the first time, but if you fail 3 times we will honor our 200% Guarantee
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