Application Licensing Support

Application And Licensing Support

Licensing Support

  • We are here to help you through the entire contractors licensing process
  • We have over 35 years’ experience as Working Licensed Contractors.
  • We provide FULL Application support and review before you send in your application
  • We can be reached by phone at 469 668 3175 or emailed 24 hours a day
  • Even after you get licensed, call us with any contracting questions and we would be glad to help

Licensing Checklist

  • The Checklist is your tool to track your steps until you get your license.
  • On our website we provide a Licensing Checklist to help guide you through the licensing procedure
  • You can print out the Checklist and use it as a tool to help guide you through the licensing process.
  • Just check off each task as you complete that portion of the course.

Application Support

From and Application

  • We include all the Forms and Applications required by the state or links to special documents
  • We provide FULL Application support if you need help competing the forms
  • We will review your application before you send your documents to the State
  • We can be reached by phone at 469 668 3175 or Emailed

Application Review

  • After you receive your KIT make Copies of the Application and forms
  • Using the copied forms start filling out the Application the best you can
  • If you have any questions regarding the application give us a call at 469 668 3175
  • Once you feel you have completed the copy or the application FAX it to us at 408-244-0253
  • You may also SCAN and email the application to
  • After we review your documents, we will call you with our questions, observations, and suggestions
  • - After you have made the changes, you can fax your application to us again for final review