Online Exam Center Benefits

Benefits Of Study Kits And Online Exam Prep Center

  • No NEED to attend a 2-Day Crash Course
  • Study on your own computer
  • Study at Home, practice taking the State Exam in the convenience of your home
  • Practice at your Own Pace, You pick the time, and you pick the place
  • We include an Access Code to our "Online Exam Preparation Center” with each course
  • Each Trade and Law Course contains hundreds and hundreds of Trade Specific Practice Questions
  • Practice on your own computer just like you will experience when you take the State Exam
  • Each time you take a practice Exam the program will grade you and return a percentage score
  • At the end of each Practice Exam, the program will list the missed questions and the correct answers
  • The Software also allows you to Print Out a full report of all the Questions you missed for future study.
  • You can Test yourself Over and Over right up to the day of your State License Exam
  • After getting 90 to 95% consistently, you will be well prepared for your State Exam
  • Our Online Practice Exam Center is one of the most powerful tool to study for the State Exam

Practice Exam Questions

  • Each Study manual includes hundreds of Practice Exam Questions with Answers and Explanations
  • After listening to the instructor and reading the manuals, you should study the practice questions
  • To study the Practice Exam Questions; read the question, then immediately read the correct answer
  • This learning technique will help FREEZE the correct answers into your mind
  • Do not try to TAKE these questions as a test, you will test yourself using the "Online Exam Prep Software"

Current Questions And Updates

  • When you order your Licensing KIT you will receive the most current Study manuals available.
  • Our Study materials are updated constantly and include current Questions, Answers, and Explanations.
  • Updates to the questions are located in the Online Exam Prep Center in the last exam of the Course

Online Exam Prep Center

  • Each course includes an Access Code located in the on a colored page in each manual
  • After locating the Colored Page in the front of the manual follow the instructions to the Prep Center
  • Enter your Name, Email and Access Code to start practicing the test questions
  • You can practice your Exams over and over and the program will grade you like 60%,70%, 80%, 90% etc.
  • The program will indicate the questions you missed and show you the correct answers
  • Continue to practice these exams until you are getting 90 to 95% consistently
  • Once you have reached this goal you will be well prepared for your State Exams