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D16 - Hardware, Locks, and Safes

A hardware, locks and safes contractor installs, modifies or repairs power and/or manually activated door and window locks with related hardware, built-in safes and vaults.

Limited California Specialty Classification

(a) Limited specialty is a specialty contractor classification limited to a field and scope of operations of specialty contracting for which an applicant is qualified other than any of the specialty contractor classifications listed and defined in this article.

(b) An applicant classified and licensed in the classification Limited Specialty shall confine activities to a contractor to that field or fields and scope of operations set forth in the application and accepted by the Registrar or to that permitted by Section 831.

(c) Upon issuance of a C-61 license, the Registrar shall endorse upon the face of the original license certificate the field and scope of operations in which the licensee has demonstrated qualifications.

(d) A specialty contractor, other than a C-61 contractor, may perform work within the field and scope of the operations of Classification C-61, provided the work be consistent with established usage and procedure in the construction industry and is related to the specialty contractor's classification.

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Jurisdiction, Administration, Sample Notice to Owner, Exemptions, Types of Licenses, Sample Application to Change Name and/or Address or for a Certified Copy of a License, Qualifying Exams, Exam Waiver, Reciprocity, Contractor's Bond, Bond Alternatives, Fingerprints, Renewal of a License, Continuance of a License, Inactivation of a License, Disciplinary Proceedings, Home Improvement Contract, Service and Repair Contract, Home Solicitation Contract or Offer, Truth in Lending Act, Subletting and Subcontracting Fair Practices Act, Bond Requirements, Workers' compensation Insurance Reports, Building Permits, Underground Service Alert, California Access Requirements, Glossary of Terms


Introduction, Method 1: Mechanics' Lien, Sample Mechanics' Lien, Method 2: Stop Notice, Sample Stop Notice (Private Works), Sample; Stop Notice (Public Works), Bonded Stop Notices, Method 3: Payment Bonds, Summary of Bonds Associated with a Stop Notice, Preliminary Notices, Preliminary 20-day Notice for Private Works, Sample Preliminary Notice Cover Letter, Sample California Preliminary Notice, including the Notice to Property Owner, Preliminary 20-Day Notice for Public Works, Sample Preliminary 20-Day Notice for Public Works, Private-and Public-Works Bond Notice, Sample Private-and Public-Works Bond Notice, Including a Declaration of Service, Owners' Rights, Notice of Nonresponsibility, Notice of Completion, Notice of Cessation, What Determines Completion if No Notice Is Recorded?, How Do You Know if a Notice of Completion or Cessation Has Been Filed?, Lawsuits, Lien Foreclosure Lawsuit, Stop-Notice Lawsuit, Payment (Labor and Materials) Bond Lawsuit, Lawsuit against a Public-Works Bonds, Collection Procedures, Waiver and Release, Mechanics' Lien Law Summary, Glossary of Terms


Department of Industrial Relations, Job Ads, Applications, and Interviews, Hiring and Firing, Minors, Polygraph Tests, Bonds, Photographs, and Physicals, Wages, Overtime, Working Hours, Strikes and Lockouts, Personnel Files, Workers' Compensation, Types of Coverage, Job-Related Injury, Application, Benefits, Notice to Employees, Penalties, Reporting Requirements, Sample Employer's Report of Occupational Injury or Illness, Workers' Compensation Appeals Board, Safety in Employment, Cal/OSHA Safety Orders, Contractor-Employer Obligations, Injury and Illness Prevention Program (DPP) Requirements, Recordkeeping, Hazardous Substances, Asbestos, Violations, Complaints and Inspections, Employment Taxes, Independent Contractor vs. Employee, Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) and Federal Income Tax (FIT) , California Unemployment Insurance Code and State Income Tax, Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA), Summary Employment Taxes and Insurance-Who Pays What, Glossary of Terms


The Contractor Manager, Principles of Management, Establishing Your Business, Forms of Business, Sole Ownership, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Corporation, Inventory of Resources, Taxes and Permits, Bonds, Accounting Control, Records, Accounting Methods, Cash Basis of Accounting, Accrual Basis of Accounting, Financial Statements, Balance Sheet, Sample Balance Sheet for Typical Construction Company, Inc., Balance Sheet Practice Questions, Assets, Liabilities, Sales of Residences, Sample Income Statement for Typical Construction Company, Inc., Cost of Operations, Income Statement Practice Questions, Pretax Income, Net Profit for Year, Statement of Changes in Financial Position, Financial Analysis and Ratios, Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, Net Sales to Net Working Capital, Net Sales to Net Worth, Total Liabilities to Total Assets, Net Income to Total Assets, Financial Management, Capitalization, Sources of Financing, Equity, Debt, Operations Management, Job Selection, Bidding and Estimation, The Construction Process, Controlling Costs, Construction Schedule Bar Chart, Critical Path Analysis, Risk Management, Marketing Management, Business Management for Contractors, Income and Expense Statement, Overhead and Profit, ABC Co. Income and Expense Statement, Glossary of Terms, Law and Business Review, Review Questions, Review Answers

1. According to contract law, when ca subcontractors and material suppliers serve a preliminary notice?

a. After first purchasing material
b. After their bid is accepted by the prime contractor
c. After the prime contractor’s bid is accepted by the owner
d. After first furnishing labor or materials #

2. Within how many days must an “agreement to arbitrate” be returned by the participants after being mailed by the Registrar?

a. Within 7 calendar days
b. Within 10 calendar days
c. Within 14 calendar days
d. Within 30 calendars days #

3. How often must contractors’ supervisors conduct “tool box” or “tailgate” safety meetings?

a. Daily
b. At least every ten working days #
c. At least once a month
d. At least once a quarter