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C10 - An electrical contractor places, installs, erects or connects any electrical wires, fixtures, appliances, apparatus, raceways, conduits, solar photovoltaic cells or any part thereof, which generate, transmit, transform or utilize electrical energy in any form or for any purpose.

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  • Electrical Contractor
  • Electrical Contractor's Exam
  • Math Review
  • Basic Electrical theory
  • Circuits
  • Electrical Quantities
  • Direct Current Circuits
  • Alternating Current
  • Power Formulas for AC Circuits
  • Electrical Materials
  • Wire
  • Cable and Conduit
  • Protective Devices
  • Switches
  • Electrical Tools and Equipment
  • Meters
  • National Electrical Code
  • NEC Summaries
  • Photovoltaic Supplement
  • Health and Safety Orders
  • Electrical Review Questions

1. In Class 1, Division 2 locations, such as gas stations or refineries, what type of conduit should be used above ground?

a. Intermediate metal conduit or rigid conduit *
b. Electrical metallic tubing
c. Electrical metallic tubing or flexible metallic tubing
d. Polyvinyl chloride conduit

2. Which of the following regulations applies to service-entrance conductors that are supplying service to a building or structure?

a. The conductors may not pass through the interior of another building or structure. *
b. The conductors are permitted if the buildings or structures are close together.
c. The conductors are only permitted when approved construction drawings show the conductor routing.
d. The conductors are only permitted when service cannot be installed in any other way.

3. A contractor needs 13 receptacles that cost $3.56 each plus sales tax of 7.25%. The supplier states that for every 10 receptacles that are purchased, the contractor will get one free of charge. What is the total cost of the receptacles?

a. $42.02
b. $42.72
c. $45.82 *
d. $49.66